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Welsh Assembly releases the latest swine flu statistics

SIXTY-EIGHT people have so far been under investigation for swine flu in Wales.

Of these, 50 have been given the all clear, leaving 18 still under investigation.

All 68 people have been linked to travel in Mexico and the USA, with each displaying, or having displayed, mild symptoms.

The figures have just been released by the Welsh Assembly.

A spokeswoman said: “Of the 18 patients under investigation, four people were well when first identified, but reported recent flu-like symptomsŠfollowing travel to Mexico. “Blood tests are being undertaken on these individuals to see if they had the flu and to help the National Public Health Service understand the pattern of the disease from Šthe past. “It could have been due to swine flu.

“Testing will be conducted in a number of weeks – scientifically it won’t work before that – to check whether these people did have swine flu.

“Investigations have shown that the people they had close contact with did not catch flu from them when they were ill.”

Further information, including health advice, can be found at www.wales.gov.uk, www.nphs.wales.nhs.uk and www.hpa.org.uk .

You can also call the Swine Flu Information line on 0800 1 513 513 for recorded information, or NHS Direct Wales on 0845 46 47 for health advice.