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What is RSS?

RSS is an easy way to keep track of the latest news from your favourite websites in one convenient place.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and allows you to see the latest news headlines and teaser text, and to then be able to click directly through to the articles that you want to read on this website.

How do I use RSS newsfeeds?

You will need some type of newsreader. This is a piece of software that checks the RSS newsfeed and lets you read anything that has been added. There are lots of different newsreaders some of which can be accessed via your web browser and some of which are downloadable applications that run on your pc or mac. Some newsreaders are free whilst others are more complex and have to be purchased. You can find a list of newsreaders to the right of this article.

To decide what content you want to receive, click on the orange buttons or the RSS feed link on any of our pages. On clicking on the orange button you can subscribe to our RSS newsfeeds in a several ways:

1. Drag the orange RSS button into your RSS Reader.
2. Drag the URL of the RSS feed into your RSS Reader.
3. Cut and paste the URL of the RSS feed into your RSS Reader.
4. If you use an online RDD Reader such as Newsgator, click on the appropriate button to subscribe to the RSS feed.

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