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Everton FC-mad dad achieves name goal

A FOOTBALL fan has paid the ultimate tribute to his club – by naming his daughter after it.

Eva Toni Ann Pierce, who is eight months old, owes her name to her dad’s love of Everton Football Club.

Danny Pierce, of Moorfields, Holywell, said: “I am Everton beserk. I thought up the name when I was in school and always said if I had a daughter she’d be called Eva-Toni-Ann.”

But Eva’s mum, Claire Cooper, needed convincing.

She said: “I’m not interested in football and I didn’t like the name at first but it has grown on me now.”

The couple have two other daughters, Tia and Casey, but it wasn’t until the birth of the third that Claire allowed the football-themed name.

Danny said: “We put all the names we had thought of in a hat and I picked out Eva-Toni-Ann. Then we got our eldest daughter to pick one and she picked it too.”

Claire added: “She didn’t have a name for the first couple of days because we were going to call her Ciara but it didn’t suit her.”

If they had had a boy, he would have been called Duncan, after former Everton player Duncan Ferguson.

The unusual name has attracted a lot of attention.

“When we go into the chemist people always say what a great name it is,” Danny said.

“People come up to me in the street to talk about it. Even Liverpool fans think it’s great.”

The name has extra meaning after Danny’s father, a huge Everton fan, died following a house-fire earlier this year.

Danny said: “My dad was a big fan and a season ticket holder. He brought us up on Everton. “He was here when Eva was born and I know that he was proud.”

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