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Cluster of UFO sightings baffles Shotton councillor

A SHOTTON man is baffled after witnessing SIX UFOs in one night.

Town councillor William Barton saw the strange spectacle in the town’s skies last Friday evening at about 7.44pm.

He rushed to grab his binoculars and called on neighbours to show them the bizarre phenomenon.

Cllr Barton, of Mill View, even managed to capture the flying objects on camera.

He said: “They seemed to come from the Ewloe area and float towards Shotton. There were about six of them and they appeared and then vanished in the sky for a while.

“They were bowl-shaped, orange blobs, with a glow of light around them.”

Cllr Barton says the objects appeared to be flying higher than 1,500ft, which means they would have been breaking air traffic control regulations.

The baffled councillor is keeping an open mind on the origins of the UFOs.

He said: “If this has been a prank, it is very irresponsible, it could have caused a terrible aircraft accident.

“I thought these objects may have been created by a glider towing fireworks, but there was no smoke. It is very alarming to think what they could be.”

The Chronicle contacted Air Traffic Control at Liverpool John Lennon Airport but a spokesman said: “Nothing out of the ordinary was seen at this time.”

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