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Holywell woman appeals to landlords to improve housing conditions

A WOMAN whose three-year-old grandson has mould growing in his bedroom is appealing to her landlords to improve her housing conditions.

Joanne Wild lives on Springfields, the Holway estate, Holywell, with her daughter, Claire, 23, and grandson Luke.

She said: “Luke is constantly catching colds and has chest infections because the house is so cold.

“There is mould growing on the walls in his room and has even spread onto his mattress. I am sick of living in these poor conditions.”

She has lived in the house, which she rents from London-based landlords Powell and Co Property, since 2006.

Mrs Wild, who works part-time for Flintshire County Council but has some of her rent paid through housing benefits, said: “The house is getting worse because things aren’t getting dealt with.”

A spokesman for Flintshire County Council said: “We received a complaint about the conditions in mid-February and carried out an inspection of the property.

“Following the inspection a letter was sent to the owner requesting a number of improvement works be carried out by early March when council officers will again inspect.

“The council is able to serve an Improvement Notice under powers granted under The Housing Act to require landlords to improve properties they let. However, this would be a last resort should the advice offered by council officers be ignored.”

Sean Powell, owner of Powell and Co Property said: “We are good landlords and we do look after tenants when repairs are reported but there is a limit to what we can do.

“Things are difficult at the moment and we need to prioritise repairs.

“I have halved my own salary, I can’t afford to have a holiday and I have had to get rid of my cleaner.”

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