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Flintshire residents urged to boil water

RESIDENTS are being warned to boil water after tests showed the supply is contaminated.

It is feared high levels of coliform could mean a more dangerous bacteria being present in supplies.

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water is advising customers to boil water to be used for drinking or food preparation.

The measures were announced on Tuesday after a routine monitoring programme at the Alwen Water Treatment Works in Denbighshire, which supplies about 70,000 businesses and households, indicated a problem was developing.

The bacteria source has not been confirmed and tests are on-going.

A spokesman for Welsh Water said: “Once we know what has caused this problem we will do whatever is required to deal with it and will let our customers know.

“Until then, we judge that the right course of action is to ask our customers supplied by the Alwen water treatment works to boil any tap water.

“There is no evidence anyone has any illness as a result of drinking the water and it is not being treated as a public health incident.”

Welsh Water operations director, Peter Perry said: “We are sending vans with loudhailers and delivering posters and information packs to hospitals, nursing homes, schools, supermarkets and libraries.”

The National Public Health Service for Wales has been informed and will maintain close surveillance of the population affected to monitor for any illness.”

Customers registered on the company’s Additional Services list, with special medical needs, have been contacted by Welsh Water and will be supplied with bottled water.

It will be working with local authorities to ensure hospitals, nursing homes, food manufacturers and educational establishments affected are properly notified.

Ian Budd, Flintshire County Council’s director of lifelong learning, said: “The education department has contacted all schools affected and told them to boil water or use bottled water.”

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