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Flintshire residents urged to be vigilant of internet fraudsters

FLINTSHIRE Neighbourhood Watch is urging residents to be aware of the latest email banking scams.

A spokesperson for OWL, the Online Watch Link, said: “The email scams vary but may have the following written at the top, ‘Your internet banking account is due to expire please click on the link.’

‘Our new security system will help you to avoid frequent fraud transactions, to keep your investments safe click on the link.’

‘Due to technical updates we recommend you click on the link to reactivate your account. Click on the link below to login and begin using your updated bank account.’

She added: “If you click on the link, it could ask you to enter your bank account details ranging from your account number, your three digit security number or even your password.

“If you receive an e-mail, purporting to be from your bank, inviting you to click on a link don’t do it. Ring your bank and ask if the email is from them or not.

“Check for your name at the top of the email - the bank will know your name, but fraudsters are unlikely to address you personally. Never respond to these email's, never provide any internet banking or telephone banking log on details, or any credit card details.

“Install, and keep up-to-date, anti-virus software and install personal firewall software. If you receive an email like this check your statements, they may intend to take money from your account in the future, or could have already attempted to obtain money from your account and been unsuccessful, and are therefore trying to obtain further information.”

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