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Former managing director of moneysupermarket.com launches new website for sports supporters

A NEW website is being set up by Stuart Glendinning, former managing director of Ewloe-based moneysupermarket.com.

Trusupporter.com is a site that will be aimed at supporters. Initially it will focus on supporters of football clubs but will then roll into Rugby League and other sports and expand into other areas such as music and celebrities.

“Although there are many sites that service supporters, there are none that focus on the supporter. That’s what trusupporter.com will do. It’ll be launched in the autumn and initially we will start with a handful of North West-based teams, but then intend to rapidly roll-out across the UK.

“Although we are starting locally, we have big ambitions. At present we are looking for two or three creative staff who can film and edit content or wish to learn, so even as a start up we are bringing new jobs to the locality,” said Stuart.

Prior to working at Moneysupermarket.com, Stuart worked 15 years in the building society industry.

It was while working at Wolverhampton-based Staffordshire Building Society that he got to know Simon Nixon, founder of moneysupermarket.com, which was launched in Chester in 1999. When Simon said he was launching moneysupermarket.com, Stuart and his family moved north to Chester to join the fledgling business which has gone on to huge success.

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