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Grids stolen in Aston, Deeside

RESIDENTS of Aston, Deeside, woke up on Tuesday morning to find holes all over the roads, after thieves made off with about 30 iron grid covers.

Grids on New Park Road, Summerdale Road and Highland Avenue had disappeared.

Cllr George Hardcastle said: “I think what these people are doing is absolutely disgusting.

“Whoever is doing it obviously hasn’t got a conscience and isn’t thinking about people’s safety.

“The holes are about three feet deep and for elderly people, cyclists or just people walking their dog in the evening this could be a real danger. I really hope the people who did this are caught.”

Cllr Helen Yale said: “There were about 30 grids taken altogether and obviously this is a great cost to the council, but the main issue is safety.

“The Highways department acted really swiftly to sort out the problem and we’re very lucky nobody was hurt.”

Dave Faulkner, head of Highways and Transportation for Flintshire County Council, said: “A number of gully gratings have been taken in the Aston area.

“This is a completely irresponsible act which creates a significant danger in the highway and an obvious cost to the council.

“We will be working closely with North Wales Police to find those responsible.”

The council has now replaced the iron grids with plastic ones.

A police spokeswoman said: “We have been made aware of this incident and are working with the council and looking into it.”

Cllr Hardcastle said: “I was very impressed with the quick work of Flintshire County Council and thankfully there were no accidents.

“These people either don’t realise the danger they’re creating or they have no feelings.”

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