Chester City FC: Key figures have their say on Blues FA licence crisis

An FA spokesman said: “The company that has bought Chester City has not yet met the requirements for the club to be in a position to play affiliated association football. The club continue to co-operate with the FA in relation to the requirements.”

Bob Gray, City’s managing director, said: “We’ve been here morning, noon and night providing the FA with the information they require. It’s ongoing and we will adhere to everything they ask because we desperately want to start playing football matches again.”

Bill King, Chester-based president of the Football Conference, said: “The Conference have not spoken to the FA because it’s in their hands and we’re waiting for their direction.”

Bill Brandon, of Chester’s administrators Refresh Recovery Limited, said: “We can’t comment on the matter between the new company and the FA. The old company is still in administration and is also subject to the Company Voluntary Arrangement. The new company that have purchased the club are a separate entity altogether and they are the ones trying to get a licence with the FA. Our only concern is the old company.”

Blues boss Mick Wadsworth, who has made Tim Ryan his captain, said: “It’s a very difficult situation but all we can do is keep working the players hard in training. Training has gone really well and I think we’re getting a decent team together, so it’s disappointing we’ve not been able to do some of the things we wanted to do in games.”