OFF THE FENCE: Why Andy Mangan can be new Lee Trundle for Wrexham FC

SITTING in the Press room after Wrexham’s win over Wimbledon, I honestly thought Lee Trundle had walked in.

It’s not just Andy Mangan’s Scouse twang, it’s the absolute cock-sureness of the guy which reminded me of Trunds.

“I should have had at least two,” he said. “I’m aiming for 25 goals this season”, etc, etc.

Joy to my ears. Not just because he’s going to keep the Daily Post in good copy over the next 18 months, but because that sort of attitude is exactly what Wrexham need.

I get the feeling that sort of total belief in a player’s own ability has been missing from the Dragons dressing room recently.

Perhaps there are too many young players trying to get to grips with a strange league where other teams still deem Wrexham as a major scalp.

Mangan knows the league, and it’s good to see Dean Saunders getting a hungry non-league player with something to prove, rather than an ex-Premier League starlet who thinks the Blue Square is beneath him.

As a player, Mangan reminds me of another Scouse great... Gary Bennett.

They’ve got the same cut back and shift of the ball that seems to outfox a defender.

They make the same sort of runs and never stop harassing defenders in order to force a mistake.

We’ve got to keep in mind that there were a lot of creative midfielders in the Wrexham side at that time.

But if he can be half as successful as Benno then Wrexham will have signed a very good player.