Kate Middleton’s go-to nail polish: Essie

Essie nail polish

IF YOU'RE looking for a durable, high-shine nail polish with a superior selection of colours to choose from, then look no further than the award-winning nail varnishes from Essie.

With the tongue-in-cheek names, high-gloss finish, and spectrum of over 300 colours to choose from, the Essie brand has continued to build upon its reputation as a fashion-forward
nail polish supplier, and has ultimately attracted a cult of followers including professionals and celebrities who swear by the brand.

Indeed, the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Sienna Miller, Rihanna, Cheryl Cole, and even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate to name just a few have all been spotted flaunting their
trendy Essie talons out in public.

In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge loves Essie so much that she opted for a chic Essie manicure for the infamous Royal Wedding last year, inspiring Essie Weingarten herself the face behind the famous brand name to create a wedding collection.

Essie brand clearly has its finger firmly on the fashion pulse, and has created a gorgeous milky pastel blue colour, Borrowed & Blue and a beautifully classic, captivating red hue named First Dance. Both shades are highly pigmented and look stunning on your nails.

The same can't be said of the other two shades in the collection. Whilst the light powder pink, Better Together and nude Made to Honour look beautiful in the bottle, Essies sheer
formula makes it difficult for the nude tones to show up without dramatic layering. However, any more than three layers and the polish will develop a tacky texture, making it almost
impossible for the formula to dry properly.

Whilst I highly recommend Borrowed & Blue, and First Dance, I'd steer clear of any nude colours from Essie because the sheer formula makes the outcome disappointing when you're using neutral tones.

The luxury line of Essie nail polishes are highly coveted for those in need of a shiny, chip-free nail colour with a chic, classic edge. Compared to its competitor, OPI, I much prefer
Essie nail varnishes because the formula seems to be of a higher quality and thus, less prone to chipping than OPI polishes.

Essie is also slightly cheaper than OPI. The quality of Essie nail varnishes is in my opinion second to none. Whilst it is still a professional brand, and this is reflected through the price,I feel that it is worth paying extra for the quality of this polish.

The four-piece sets of mini 5ml bottles retail at around s17, but if you wait for it to go out of season, you can sometimes purchase them between £8 and £10 from all good department

If it's good enough for Kate, it's good enough for me.