Alice Temperley claims paying celebrities to sit in the front row is ‘barbaric’

Iconic British fashion designer Alice Temperley has criticised other fashion designers and labels for paying celebrities to attend their fashion shows. The designer voiced her views on this subject at the launch of her Somerset collection for John Lewis. Temperley claimed that the idea of paying celebrities to sit in the front row of catwalk shows was “a barbaric kind of thing”.Read

Business Parks Are A Great Place To Work

With greater competition and the need to attract new tenants, business parks have thrown off their drab, utilitarian image in recent years. A modern business park can be an excellent place to work and do business.Read

Why You Should Start Thinking about Your Winter Fuel Bills Now

Hooray! The sun has finally arrived! And who knows, maybe this time it will stay for a while and we’ll all be having barbeques in November! Okay, so that probably won’t happen and whoever is in charge of sun distribution to the UK will continue to run up a hefty debt to us all as we crank up the heating again and moan about the rain.Read

Film fun for Flint

With the end to both the Olympics and the Paralympics on the horizon, that Autumnal ‘back to school’ feeling will soon start to creep in. This is a great time to check out local cinema listings and plan how to take advantage of some of the new films that are scheduled for release.Read

Funeral Plan Checklist

Planning their own funeral is something most people occasionally think about and then put off until another day.Read

Funeral Plan Checklist

Planning their own funeral is something most people occasionally think about and then put off until another day.Read

Money saving tips for 2012

As the tough economic climate continues, many people are on the hunt for the best ways to make savings. Today we bring you some top money saving hints for 2012.Read

How Much Insurance Do You Need?

Our lives, family, possessions and finances are the most common things that people pay out insurance for. After building wealth and a happy life, people want to find a way to preserve this and provide for their loved ones if anything were to happen to them. Though some may say some insurance policies are unnecessary and overpriced, some are vital to protect what’s important to you.Read

Fridge Freezers - Side by Side Comparisons

With Christmas on the way a new fridge freezer could be on the cards for a number of households, providing the perfect opportunity to upgrade this vital household appliance. Cheap fridge freezers are commonly sought but what type of fridge freezer is the best and how do you find the one which is best for you?Read

Get adventurous with your chocolate brownie recipe

It’s notoriously difficult to find the perfect chocolate brownie recipe – most people will have experienced at least one occasion where some unknown element has gone drastically wrong, leaving behind an end product that’s either far too greasy or dried out and unappetising.Read

isme – The New Name for Marshall Ward

At the start of 2011, catalogue firm Marshall Ward was rebranded as isme. In this article, we’ll take a look at the history of the brand and the story so far for the new face of catalogue shopping. Read

Where Can I Buy A New Car?

Whether you are a new driver looking for their first vehicle or a seasoned professional wanting to upgrade their existing car, there are plenty of places for you to find great cars for sale. When looking for your new car it is important that you consider all of the options available to you in order to make sure you get the best deal. Here is a quick guide on where to look:Read

A Guide to Showers

Showers have become an increasingly popular bathroom addition over recent years with a number of people selecting them as their preferred method of daily cleansing. One of the most popular types of shower are shower enclosures, which offer a walk-in showering experience. So what options are available when it comes to choosing your shower?Read

Top 10 Party Games for Adults

There is no shortage of party games but what are the top 10? Here are the top ten written by the guys at Jackpot Party – many of which you’ll know but are easily forgotten! Read

Have You Heard The One About the BBQ Summer Prediction For 2010..? Holidays to the Bodrum Region

Summer 2010 is predicted to be a BBQ one according to forecasters, but not the Met Office this time you'll be pleased to know. Infact the Met Office was so far out on their predictions for summer 2009 that they no longer issue long term seasonal forecasts.Read