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Cinemas - Also Released - 11/11/10


A YOUNG woman just can't exorcise the ghosts of the past in Andy Fickman's romantic comedy.

Marni (Kristen Bell) has completely forgotten about her miserable high school days and has risen to dizzy heights in the world of public relations.

She returns home to attend the wedding of her beloved brother Will (James Wolk) only to discover that his bride-to-be is the very same Joanna (Odette Yustman) who made her formative years such a misery.

Except, rather than being the bully Marni remembers so vividly, Joanna has reinvented her as an earthbound angel.

Determined to prevent Will from making the biggest mistake of his life, Marni resolves to expose Joanna as a fraud.

Meanwhile, Marni's mother Gail (Jamie Lee Curtis) has an unresolved high school conflict of her own: Joanna's aunt Ramona (Sigourney Weaver).



AN OLD woman in the twilight of her life reinvigorates a middle-aged man who has yet to start enjoying his in Jean Becker's charming, sentimental drama.

Germain (Gerard Depardieu) is ignorant to the ways of the world and barely literate.

Mocked by his so-called friends, he settles down on a bench in the park one day next to the bookish Marguerite (Gisele Casadesus), who reads aloud extracts and sparks the stranger's imagination.

It transpires that Marguerite is slowly losing her eyesight and soon she will be unable to read the books and enjoy the rich language.

Unable to bear the thought of the old lady being denied the pleasures of the written word, Germain sets himself the ultimate challenge.