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Cinemas - Film of the Week - 8/12/11

JOLLY green ogre Shrek and his sweetheart Princess Fiona amassed nearly three billion dollars at the global box office before heading into the fairytale sunset at the conclusion of Shrek Ever After.

All good things must come to an end, except in Hollywood, where a single original idea deserves at least one sequel and a spin-off film franchise or television series.

So it comes to pass with Puss In Boots, a computer-animated prequel to the Shrek films that traces the formative years of the sword-fighting feline before he crossed paths with the pungent ogre and wise-cracking Donkey.

Director Chris Miller, who helmed the third chapter in the Shrek saga, maintains a brisk pace, exploiting the 3D format in a rooftop chase sequence and a flamenco-style dance battle between the Casanova cat and his rival, replete with slow-motion acrobatics.

The script plunders familiar characters from nursery rhymes and fairytales, putting a fresh spin on Jack & The Beanstalk.

Puss In Boots is the cat's meow.

Miller's colourful film is littered with neat flourishes, such as a saloon customer who avoids expository dialogue with the aid of tattoos on various parts of his body, or the strays in the Cat Cantina who form a makeshift orchestra for the dance showdown.

Antonio Banderas purrs every line with unconcealed delight and he sparks fiery on-screen chemistry with Salma Hayek's feline fatale.

Zack Galifianakis milks laughs and sympathy for his ovoid oddball, who laments at one point, “I've made a mess out of everything. I'm a rotten egg!”

The climactic ascent of the beanstalk ensures a slam-bang finale, suggesting there is plenty of life in the swashbuckling furball if DreamWorks Animation laps up a potential sequel.