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Music Spotlight: Indie band Kill The Doctor are building a reputation in South Cheshire

BRING on the next generation.

With the likes of Sgt Wolfbanger, Bleached Wail and Fake Heroes calling it a day in 2010, it’s left a large void in the local music scene.

But the legacy of those bands, Crewe Live ’08 and the Volume Festival has made more of an impact than you might believe.

Up and coming indie teen outfit Kill The Doctor have gone against the grain as a result.

Max Dunn (lead vocals/guitars), Ryan Marsden (bass/chants) and Danny Summers (drums/chants) decided they wanted a piece of what they’ve seen over the past couple of years.

Inspired to ditch the pure pop-punk of their peers, the trio have no doubt they’re heading in the right direction.

“We love Maps of Columbus and Bleached Wail, their music wasn’t depressing and as a band we decided that was the way we wanted to go,” explained Danny.

“Ryan and I had come from another band called All Is Falling and we wanted to get away from just pop-punk.

“We knew Max and it went from there.”

Completing the line-up six months ago, jovial frontman Dunn also paid tribute to the local scene.

“I think it’s good that we’ve gone for our own style,”

“There are lot of bands our age doing the same thing and we wanted to be different.

“I first saw Bleached Wail when Ipso Facto played the Volume Festival and I thought they were amazing.

“We’ve not been influenced by big bands really; we’ve been influenced by the local music scene.

“We’ve also watched some great bands at The Box like Pulled Apart By Horses and it’s like we’ve developed our own style by throwing everything we’ve seen into the cooking pot.”

It’s hard not to be impressed with the way Kill The Doctor have gone about their business.

Watching bands in detail at Crewe’s alternative music venue, they’ve also helped out on gigs while developing their own sound at Live N’ Wired.

The trio honed their skills thanks to Glyn Sutton’s jam and showcase in the Oddies Club on Monday nights.

And the Flux frontman has been an equal influence.

“He’s taught me since I was around 10 and without Glyn and his help, I don’t think we’d be doing this,” continued Max.

“You are never bored in his lessons.”

Kill The Doctor move up the order on their return to The Box, supporting Barely Civilised and Already Gone on Friday, January 14.

“It’s nice, it’s like home to us,” added Max.

“Hopefully we can start to move out of Crewe and build up our fan base.

“I think we’ve done it right so far, I like it steady.”

“We’re confident we’re going to get a good crowd down to The Box and it’ll be a great night,” concluded Ryan.

Doors open at 7.30pm, admission is £5.

For more information on Volume’s events, promotions and PR services contact them at their Nantwich offices on 01270 625384 or visit www.volumepr.co.uk.