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Emmy The Great to play at Stanley Theatre, Liverpool

TWO years after her critically acclaimed debut, Emmy The Great released her second album,ŠVirtue,Šearlier this year.

Written and recorded under contrasting circumstances to her first, Virtue began as a series of stories Emmy embarked on after her engagement to an atheist, but took on a different shape when he left her for the Church.

Using symbols borrowed from fairy tales and mythology, Emmy added the icons that have replaced them in our modern consciousness – industrial buildings, mushroom clouds, West London’s Trellick Tower. This was Emmy’s personal collection of myths that she fitted to her music – a genre she refers to as digital medieval.

When her fiancé left Emmy had to pick up the pieces. She hid in the country, lost herself in books about saints, archetypes and folk tales, trying to make the world work.

Emmy The Great performs at the Stanley Theatre, University of Liverpool, tomorrow (Friday). Tickets are £12.50. Call 0151 794 6868 or visit www.lgos.org.