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Diana And Actaeon Renaissance masterpiece on display at Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool

ONE of the most important paintings in Britain is on display at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool.

Diana And Acteaon by Titian, considered to be among his greatest works, is being exhibited at the Liverpool gallery from January 13-February 26 as part of a National Gallery UK tour.

To coincide with the display of the Renaissance masterpiece, Carol Plazzotta, the Myojin Curator of 16th century Italian Paintings at The National Gallery, will give a lunchtime lecture about the painting at 1pm on Friday, January 27.

To attend the talk collect a free ticket from the welcome desk or call 0151 478 4199 to book.

There will also be a series of afternoon lectures from 1.15-3.20pm on Saturday, February 4.

The sessions will offer a chance to take a closer look at Titian, his artistic genius, his painting technique and the story behind the painting itself, in partnership with the Open University.

Diana And Actaeon is one of six large-scale mythological paintings inspired by the Roman poet Ovid that Titian painted for King Philip II of Spain.