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John Owen-Jones stars in Phantom of the Opera at Palace Theatre, Manchester

SINGING in a famous musical, recording a new album and concert rehearsals mean the next few months will be busy for singer John Owen-Jones.

The 40-year-old is performing the title role in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom Of The Opera on its UK tour at the Palace Theatre, Manchester.

His second album, Unmasked, was released recently and is already a hit with fans.

Preparing for a performance of the Lloyd-Webber musical, John pointed to the Phantom masks he wears during the show, which were waiting on their stands in his dressing room.

He also drew attention to two specially made silicone pieces, which create the character’s disfigured looks.

John said: “It takes about an hour to put the make-up on.

“These pieces are glued on, my head is covered in glue.

“When I take them off the sweat just pours off.”

He added: “It’s very exciting.

“It’s a new production and the first time Phantom has been re-done.

“This has a new set, new design, staging and new make-up.

“We started at the bottom with the script and worked up.

“I think it will be one of those tours that goes around the world, but I’m only doing it for six months.”

After ending the run of the Cameron Mackintosh-produced show, John does not plan to play the Phantom again.

He added: “It’s probably the last time I’ll do it but you should never say never.

“I’ve already got plans for next year but I’m hoping to take the rest of this year off and do what I want to do because eight shows a week is exhausting,” he said.