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Music Spotlight: Fallen to take spectacular show to The Box in Crewe

Expect fake blood, expect masks, expect one crazy gig when groove metal outfit Fallen return to The Box on Friday, January 11.

It’s all about the show for the Stoke/Crewe-based five-piece who are building up a formidable reputation for giving metal fans just what they want.

Unleashing a tight, fluid sound with riffs to blow your mind, throw in a couple of orange boiler suits and gas masks and take in a full-on performance.

“It’s more engaging for the crowd,” explained frontman Nath Edwards (vocals) who is joined by Dan Brown (drums), Jay Vann (bass), Al Rowe (lead guitar) and Chaz Draycott (rhythm guitar).

“You don’t have to be the best musicians to be entertaining.

“It’s more about putting on a show and getting the audience involved rather than just listening to a really intelligent piece of music.

“We go all out and the crowds respond, if they like what they see and enjoy the grooves then it gives you a great buzz as performers.”

Fallen promise to raise the bar in their first headline show at The Box.

“Everyone is in for a real show, we’ve got a few treats lined up for this gig,” continued Edwards.

“Let’s just say we’ve got some more costumes and more blood war paint.

“There’s been a lot of interest in this gig and we’re expecting a big crowd in.”

After making huge progress in just five months, the band is enjoying the ride.

“It’s been great,” added Edwards.

“We’ve done demos, had radio airplay and turned a lot of gigs into headline shows.

“We’ve been asked to open the second stage at this year’s ScarFest and there are some big names on that bill to us.

“We’re not thrash or death metal, it is more groove and we write our songs to be that more catchy.

“It sits much more in that Pantera and Metallica style of metal.”

Stoke metal outfit Absolution join them on the bill along with Mid-Cheshire rockers Joker’s Hour and a debut for Crewe’s own Treasure The Moment.

Doors open at 7.30pm, tickets are £5.

For more details visit www.theboxcrewe.co.uk.