Health & Fitness: Diet directors enjoy a brighter life

Losing six stone and slimming down to a size 10 inspired two women to change their careers and run a thriving weight-loss company.

Now the two friends are keen to share their success stories and help change other people’s lives for the better.

“We know from personal experience how life-changing weight-loss can be,” says Jackie Delahunty, diet expert and co-founder of Exante.

“We practice what we preach and have been there ourselves, so we know what the issues are facing overweight people who maybe don’t have the time, money or inclination to lose weight.” brings the meal replacement industry into the 21st century. After years of bad press and recent negative publicity surrounding other weight-loss programmes, Exante is keen to promote their healthy credentials.

Exante products are the only meal replacements on the market which contain 100 per cent of the recommended daily nutrients the body needs while excluding harmful additives such as Aspartame, Trans Fats, Artificial Colours, Preservatives, MSG, Gluten and GM Products.

“With Exante, we knew it had to be backed up with some serious research and science. We’ve strived to overcome the bad publicity our competitors have received about health risks, price and long-term effects,” says director Jo Brewer.

“Exante combines tasty soups, shakes and bars with a healthy eating plan of fresh vegetables, fruit and fish. By dieting in this way, the body adjusts over time to a lower calorie intake. Otherwise you’re more likely to simply put all the weight straight back on when you stop using the meal replacements.”

Although both women have achieved their ideal weights, they use Exante Diet products to maintain their great figures.

“After a heavy weekend where I may have over-indulged at my favourite restaurants I’ll have a soup or a shake for my lunch on the Monday until I’ve shifted those unwanted pounds,” says Brewer. “They taste great and keep me looking my best.”

Brewer joined Delahunty at Exante at a pivotal time in her life. After a successful career in banking and finance, Brewer was looking for a business opportunity that fitted in with the arrival of her daughter.

A phone call from Delahunty, who was her former diet adviser, was enough to convince Brewer that her future lay with Exante.

“It’s tough juggling long working hours with a young child but it’s worth it,” says Brewer. “I have a passion for the weight-loss industry due to my own personal journey.”

Delahunty founded Exante after her divorce, and worked 18 hours a day, 7 days a week to make it a success. Her experiences working for another weight-loss franchise motivated the diet expert to put together a better, healthier product.

“There was a gap in the market,” says Delahunty, “for a company to offer quick, safe weight-loss while letting people eat conventional healthy meals. The franchise I used to work for was too restrictive and I became frustrated not being able to help my clients more.”

“I’m still working 18-hour days but it’s worth it to see the joy it brings to people’s lives. Helping people lose weight has got to be the best job around. Anyone who has lost weight, or tried to do it, will appreciate that.”