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Government VIPs praise Deeside telecommunications firm Comtek

TELECOMS firm Comtek welcomed a delegation of VIPs to its Deeside headquarters as its CEO called for the area to be named a designated enterprise zone.

Minister for Trade and Investment Lord Green and David Jones, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, toured the Deeside Industrial Park factory last Wednesday.

Lord Green said: “Boosting trade and investment is at the heart of the Government’s strategy for delivering long-term sustainable growth across the UK.

“Companies such as Airbus and Comtek have a huge role to play in this national challenge and, as I have seen today, exemplify the innovative approach we need to see replicated across the country.”

Mr Jones said: “We want to show Wales is a great place to do business, and an ideal business destination can all play a key role in helping us achieve this.”

Comtek began life in chief executive Askar Sheibani’s garden shed in the 1980s.

Now it is one of Europe’s largest network and telecoms hardware repair service. As well as its base at Deeside Industrial Park, the company has centres in Holland and Germany.

The company repairs rather than replaces faulty communications equipment, helping businesses extend the life of ICT products by as much as four times the stated lifespan and eliminating replacement costs, while reducing the impact of e-waste on the environment.

Last year it was named Green Business of the Year at the Fast Growth Business Awards 2010.

Mr Sheibani said: “Comtek is one of a number of mid-sized enterprises in the area that have demonstrated significant innovation and growth in the past few years.

“We’ve seen a steady increase in demand for our services and have continuously been recruiting engineers and apprentices to help us deal with the additional business.

“I have always aspired to grow Comtek into a global company and remain confident we have the potential to achieve this.”

He added: “The support we have received from the Welsh Assembly Government and Flintshire County Council so far has been fantastic, but more could be done to put mid-sized companies like Comtek in a stronger position to expand.

“The Government could incentivise highly-skilled people to relocate to the area and encourage prosperity by designating Deeside as an official enterprise zone, providing funds and tax benefits that would stimulate further growth.”