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Car valeters from ACF Car Finance,

CAR valeters across the nation are being given the chance to buff up their CVs, thanks to a national used car dealership which has its headquarters in Chester.

ACF Car Finance says it believes valeters deserve a higher status in the motor industry, and has now created a special training programme for them.

They will have the opportunity to shine by completing a formal skills training course in order to become accredited as an ACF Car Finance ‘car cosmetician’.

The company, based on Chester Business Park, owns a national network of used car retailers which buys and sells thousands of vehicles each year.

According to Leyton Cooper, divisional group buying manager at ACF Car Finance, car valeting is seen by the company as a vitally important part of its business strategy:

“We prepare our cars to motor-show standards which can take many hours for each vehicle, and is why all of our used car showrooms employ at least one full-time valeter,” said Leyton.

“They are provided with state of the art equipment, and the best possible cleaning and cosmetic products – but it’s ultimately their skills which deliver the perfect result.

“That’s why ACF Car Finance has decided to formalise its valet training, and linked with an external skills provider who will also set a final examination of competence.

“Many of our managers started their careers with us in manual roles, and there’s no reason why our valeters shouldn’t also finish up in the driving seat,” added Leyton, himself a former mechanic.

The company is a member of The Funding Corporation in Chester and specialises in supplying used cars to the growing number of people whose credit records affect their borrowing ability.