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Paw Print Games firm in Handbridge has platform for success

A HANDBRIDGE independent games development firm is hoping it will continue to do its level best in the coming year.

Paw Print Games, based in Appleyards Lane, has just released its version of the puzzle game KamiCrazy for the Android smartphone.

Company director Antony White explained how he got into designing games.

He said: “I started with a work placement for Sony Entertainment in Liverpool, then worked with a company called Traveller’s Tales.

“While there, I helped program such games as the Lego series, F1 2005 and Transformers.

“After a few years there I made the decision that if I was going to put in all the hours it was going to be with myself.

“I developed KamiCrazy and it was released in Christmas 2008, to some success in the Apple store.

“We went on to develop KamiRetro and got interest from several publishers who gave up payment for the game.

“We did really well and added new features to the game, and it has now been included in the Apple store’s hall of fame.

“We have since moved to Handbridge in February this year. It’s a nice place and it just felt right to be here.

“Last week we released KamiCrazy for the Android, which we are now looking to port over to the Blackberry, the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP.

“The source code is such so we can easily transfer the game to different platforms, which makes good business sense.”

Antony added the touchscreen and smartphones games market was hugely competitive.

“There are a lot of decent games out there and we were fortunate to get the accolades from the app store – without those it would have been difficult to stand out in a crowded marketplace,” he said.

“The opportunity to develop these games has not been around since the 1980s, when games were easy to make and publish. It’s only with the advent of smartphones we can make these polished games which are fun to play.”

Antony added Paw Print Games was looking ahead to next year, with another title on the way.

“Our next game, Wacky Rapids, is due to come out and we are looking to develop a partnership with Blackberry. We are primarily a mobile developer but we are looking at other platforms – we are keeping the doors open.”

For more on Paw Print Games, visit www.pawprintgames.com.