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Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch are reminding people not to allow cold callers into their homes

FLINTSHIRE residents are being reminded not to allow cold callers into their homes.

At 9pm on Tuesday, June 8, an elderly lady living in Ewloe Green was allegedly visited by a man claiming there was a water leak down the road and that he needed to enter her property to switch off her water supply.

She is said to have told him he could not enter the house and she would call her son to switch the water off.

The man is reported to have asked how long it would take for the son to get there and after being told it would only be a few minutes the man left. While talking to the caller on the doorstep the woman noticed a second man passing by her hedge. No access to the property was gained by either male.

Jackie Lee of Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch is reminding people to keep back doors locked.

“Always check it is as soon as someone knocks at your door or rings your bell,” said Jackie.

“Be aware that bogus callers sometimes have an accomplice who may try to enter your home by the back door whilst you are distracted.

“Do not open the door until you have looked through a window or used a door viewer to see who is on your doorstep. If in doubt, keep them out by keeping your door shut. Consider calling a friend or relative, if you have a warden call or community alarm press your button and call them.

“If you feel you need to speak to the caller, use a door-chain. Do not open the door unless you put the chain on first so that you can see the person on your doorstep. Find out who they are and what they want. Close the door again while you do the following:

Check their identity. If they say they are from a water, gas or electricity company they will have photo ID If they cannot produce an ID card, send them away and close the door. Check the details from their ID card with a telephone number out of a phone directory or bill, not from the number printed on the card.

“One of the common ruses used by bogus callers is to say they are from one of the utility companies or ‘boards’ as they used to be known. Those boards do not exist anymore.”

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