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Exclusive: Lady Edwina Grosvenor and Dan Snow talk to the Chronicle

1It’s generally understood that it’s every young girl’s dream to have a princess-style wedding, so why did you opt for a non-traditional, modest affair? Were there any traditional elements – a cake, something old, something new, and all that?

Edwina: That was never my dream. My dream was for me and my future husband to have the day that we really wanted and that’s exactly what we did. It wasn’t about rebelling or being non-traditional, we just wanted the day to reflect our personalities. For Dan and me, getting married was an intensely important, private matter so the fact that it was a smaller occasion worked for us, it allowed us to concentrate on the crucial part – actually getting married!

We never set out to make sure we had a ‘modest affair’ wedding, again we did what felt right for us. Often it’s the simple things in life which are so special and often less is more.

2What were the circumstances surrounding the proposal? Where were you? Was Dan down on one knee? Did he ask the Duke for his daughter’s hand in marriage?

Dan: I am half Canadian so Edwina and I were on holiday trekking in the Rockies after a family wedding. We climbed a mountain and I proposed to her at the top... no, I wasn’t on one knee! We called Edwina’s father immediately and he was thrilled... or so he says!

3Was it love at first sight and what is it that you most love about each other?

Dan: Yes, it was, really. I remember thinking that she was such great fun and that she was the kind of girl I could really see myself with long-term. I love Edwina’s sense of fun, she is generous, determined, intelligent and I admire her passion and enthusiasm in the way she goes about her prison work.

Edwina: We were sat next to each other at dinner and we did have a really great time. I remember being very struck by Dan, looks and personality wise. I love how Dan is always encouraging me to do more and be a better person. Most importantly, he laughs at all my jokes, which is very important!