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North Wales Police reminds Flintshire residents to guard against oil thefts

FLINTSHIRE residents are being reminded to take precautions and be vigilant to deter criminals after a recent spate of oil thefts.

North Wales Police community beat manager Ian Millington said the force had a scheme available which residential and commercial premises could draw advice from.

He said: “We have got to think of commercial premises, as some of the buildings might still be at risk.

Precautions people can take include:

Siting the tank so it is visible from the house and as far away as possible from roads and paths as possible

Trying to ensure the tank is not visible from the road and installing security lighting to protect the area around the tank

Locking the filler cap with a good quality padlock or padlock alarm

Being vigilant of any unusual vans or lorries parked close to homes or gardens.

For more details on the police help pack contact PC Hazel Goss by emailing [email protected] or calling 01352 702145.