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Kittens die after being dumped in Flintshire skip

Kittens at Capricorn Animal Rescue Centre

TWO tiny kittens who were thrown in a skip when they were just an hour old have died.

The black and white kittens, who were taken in by Capricorn Animal Rescue in Padeswood, were being hand reared by rescue founder Sheila Stewart.

She said the babies, who she named Mikki and Moki, made it to about three weeks old before they stopped eating and wasted away.

“They were fine and were running around and had both opened their eyes,” Sheila said.

“Then they just stopped taking food and gradually got more and more sick.

“We think it was because they lacked immunity which would have been given to them by their mother’s milk. They would have stood a much better chance with her.”

Sheila had been feeding the kittens with milk every hour since they were brought in by a skip driver who heard their cries.

He pulled the kittens – who were so young they were still attached to their umbilical cord – to safety last month.

She added: “It’s very upsetting and disheartening when something like this happens.

“The worst thing about it is there is no need for such cruelty. We would have taken both the mother and kittens in if only someone had brought them to us.”