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Flintshire is the best county in Wales for jobseekers

FLINTSHIRE is the best county in Wales for those looking for employment, figures released this week have revealed.

According to trade union GMB there are an average of 2.7 applicants per vacancy available in the county.

This is about half the Welsh average and much lower than the 5.8 unemployed workers per vacancy across Britain.

The statistics show there are 3,027 jobseekers in Flintshire, while the number of job vacancies – 1,124 – is also one of the highest in Wales.

Worst out of Wales’s 22 counties was Merthyr Tydfil, which had 2,063 jobseekers but only 63 vacancies.

Flintshire has the 13th lowest ratio of jobseekers to vacancies out of the 206 local authorities across Britain.

A county council spokesman said: “This reflects the strength of the Flintshire economy even at a time of an economic downturn.

“The council is working to ensure that Flintshire remains ‘open for business’.”