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Shotton councillors criticise community policing cutbacks

SHOTTON community leaders have blasted policing cutbacks in their town.

North Wales Police cuts have meant community beat managers now work to a strict rota and are subsequently unable to attend most Flintshire town and community council meetings.

But Cllr John Beard questioned the availability of local police officers.

He said: “It’s so sad. It was not so long ago that they were saying we were a valued community, and when you are talking about how long there are here, it’s just half an hour a month we are asking them to come and see us for.”

Cllr Elwyn Jones said: “I have rung them up three times with three different incidents and they have not had the courtesy to ring me back. It’s like they have abdicated from policing.”

Shotton Town Council chairwoman Ann Minshull said the local police area inspector for North Flintshire, Insp Paul McKeown, had visited her to detail the changes.

Councillors agreed to write to Insp McKeown to urge him to meet them at the September meeting.

Insp McKeown has signalled intentions to hold regular meetings with town and community council representatives collectively.

Speaking at a Hawarden Community Council meeting, he said: “Because we can’t get to every meeting, I want to set up an anti-social behaviour panel where we discuss long-term solutions and report where we are at.”