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North Wales Police target phone using divers

A POLICE campaign to cut the number of drivers using a mobile phone while driving has begun.

If caught, motorists using a phone while behind the wheel can expect to receive three penalty points on their licence and a £60 fine.

Now police are cracking down on those who flout the law by targeting offenders through increased patrols until October 5.

Chief Inspector Dave Roome from North Wales Police said: “The anti-mobile phone driving campaign is aimed at raising awareness amongst drivers about the dangers of driving whilst using a mobile phone.

“Making and receiving calls and texting whilst driving is still apparent on Welsh roads, and not only are those drivers risking their own lives, they are also risking the lives of other road users.”

He added: “There will be a zero tolerance towards drivers using handheld devices whilst driving, this illegal and unacceptable behaviour during the campaign.”