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Drug dealer jailed for five years over stabbing in Mold

A DRUG dealing knifeman who stabbed two brothers in Mold town centre terrifying onlookers on a Sunday afternoon has been locked up for five years.

Judge Niclas Parry warned the court would not allow Mold to become a turf for those involved in drugs to sort out their differences.

Kyle Jordan Bithell, 18, of no fixed abode but who lives in the town, changed his plea and admitted two charges of wounding with intent after he stabbed them in front of terrified onlookers on April 17.

Bithell’s step-brother Dale Aaron Chamberlain, 20, of Ivy Crescent, Mold, admitted the reduced charge of wounding on the two victims and received a two year youth detention centre.

He said the sentence had to include an element of deterrent to others.

The aggravating features were Bithell had brought a knife to the scene after threatening to get a weapon and saying someone would be cut.

Both defendants had ample opportunity to leave.

“You can be extremely grateful that trained police and paramedics who arrived promptly were able to deal with the injuries so efficiently. But for their expert involvement the consequences could have been far, far worse,” he said.

Bithell brought a knife to the scene and injured the two men at a time when he was dealing cannabis in Mold.

He received four years and nine months for the two charges of wounding Simon David O’Neill and Christopher O’Neill with intent to do them grievous bodily harm - and an additional three months for dealing cannabis, which he also admitted.

Chamberlain, who kicked and punched his victims to the body and head while they were on the floor, received two years concurrent on each wounding charge.

The judge said he accepted Chamberlain was unaware his brother had taken a knife to the scene.

Prosecutor Owen Edwards said on Sunday April 17 the O’Neill brothers were walking in Bryn Garmon when an argument developed between a friend of theirs, James Hughes, and defendant Kyle Bithell.

It appeared James Hughes and Simon O'Neill chased Bithell who ran off shouting “You are going to get cut up.”

Kyle Bithell returned to the scene armed with a kitchen knife with a blade of at least six inches.

All three men started to run off when they saw the knife.

James Hughes got away.

Christopher O’Neill had a child with him, but the two defendants initially passed him and chased Simon O’Neill, catching him up near James Hughes' house in Bryn Garmon.

Simon O'Neill told how he had been running when his legs suddenly gave way from under him.

“He just collapsed. The prosecution that he had been stabbed to the leg by Bithell,” said Mr Edwards.

He caught up with them near The Slaughterhouse Gym and the two defendants turned to face him.

Christopher O’Neill described exchanging punches with Chamberlain but saw Bithell raise his arm with what he thought was a cosh.

But it was clearly the same knife that he had already used, the victim raised his arm to protect himself, and was struck to the arm which bled.

Both victims were taken to hospital.

Simon O’Neill had a stab wound to the left thigh which bled profusely.

Christopher O’Neill suffered stab wounds to his forearm and right thigh. He underwent surgery.

Oliver King, for Bithell, said he was ashamed for getting his brother involved and felt responsible for what had happened that day.

He had pleaded guilty so his brother would receive a reduced sentence.

The prosecution had also changed its stance in accepting the complainants were not strangers and there was a drugs background to what went on.

John Philpotts, defending, said his client accepted his part in the violence on a joint enterprise basis but no injuries could be attributed to him and it was clear he had no weapon and did not know that his brother had one.

The court heard the defendants were also in shock after their 11-year-old female cousin had recently died of a heart attack.

Speaking after the case Detective Inspector Jason Devonport said: “We are pleased with the outcome of this case. The sentences reflect the seriousness of the incident.”