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Bagillt, Milwr Tunnel finally ‘made safe’

A DANGEROUS tunnel in Bagillt has finally been repaired.

The Milwr Tunnel on the Bagillt Foreshore had a slab of concrete weighing around a ton, hanging from its edge.

The slab was posing a risk to people walking along the All Wales Coastal path.

Bagillt councillor Mike Reece raised the issue in 2009, and work to stabilise the area has finally been completed.

In 2009 Cllr Reece contacted United Utilities with concerns that the slab could kill someone if it fell on them.

He said there was no fence to stop kids walking along the top of the tunnel and down the grass banks.

He also said the tunnel gate entrance was broken and hanging off its hinges.

At the time a United Utilities spokesman said the location was difficult to access and could only be reached at low tide.

Part of the repair process involved using a crane and after more than two years, is now safe for the public.

Cllr Reece, said: “It was more than a year ago that I reported to United Utilities and the county council that the outlet of the tunnel was dangerous for children playing near it.

“United Utilities put a project together for the repairs and it is now near completion.

“The area is looking a lot better and is safer and I’m very grateful that this work has taken place.

“Grating has been put up to stop children from going into the tunnel, which has 2ft of freezing water running through it. The area has also been landscaped and the environment made suitable for molluscs to grow.”

Millions of gallons of water run through the tunnel into the River Dee.

The tunnel begins at Loggerheads Country Park and takes water from underground streams on Halkyn Mountain.