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Flintshire tourism hotspots could get their own barcode

TOP tourism sites in Flintshire could soon have their own barcode.

The QR (quick response) codes can be scanned with a mobile phone to quickly direct a visitor to a website as part of a project adopted by the Tourism Partnership North Wales (TPNW), which is responsible for the development of the region’s visitor economy.

TPNW has included a QR code on 250,000 Great Days Out leaflets to be distributed across North Wales, the North West and the Midlands.

The code can be scanned with a smartphone to direct the user to a website with up-to-date information about the attractions.

Carole Startin, marketing and events executive for TPNW, said: “It’s a wonderful marketing tool and you can create your own QR codes very easily. It means you can encode a business card, an address or details of the attraction such as opening times.

“You can put QR codes on anything. It could be on an attraction, a building or even the side of a bus, and a simple scan with a smartphone will direct the user to the encoded information or website.”

The QR code on the Great Days Out leaflet directs users to www.gonorthwales.co.uk.

The leaflets will be distributed in February, with 110,000 going to the North West of England and 90,000 to the Midlands in a bid to boost tourism across the region. The remaining 50,000 are being distributed across North Wales.

Carole added: “They’re a great marketing tool and they can really help the visitor get so much more from the attraction by instantly putting them in touch with anything from a webpage to a YouTube video – the possibilities are endless.

“It’s an immediate link between a place and a website and we are actively encouraging attractions to use them.”