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Bagillt residents campaign for new play equipment in Flintshire

RESIDENTS of Boot End in Bagillt are petitioning the county council for new play equipment.

Equipment from the Bron Haul play area was removed three years ago due to a deterioration in quality, but was never replaced.

Cllr Mike Reece is supporting residents in their campaign and plans to present their petition to the council in the next week or so.

He said: “The council took a slide and rope walk away around three years ago and never replaced it.

“Residents around the Bron Haul estate and New Brighton Road have got a four page petition on the go to try and get the equipment replaced.

“It’s an important facility for families living in the area.

“The county council were out of order taking it away when they had no intention of replacing it.

“People from the village said they would have repaired the equipment for less than £1,000, but the council said no, so now it will cost more than £15,000 to replace.”

A county council spokesman said: “The council has written to all town and community councils in Flintshire inviting them to join in the match funding scheme for the provision of new play equipment in 2012/13.”

The match funding scheme is where the county council contributes the same amount of money to local play areas as local community and town councils.