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First electric cigarette shop in Wales to open in Shotton

A HUSBAND who started his own anti-smoking business after his then fiancée was diagnosed with cancer is opening the first shop of its kind in Wales.

Chris Bowman, 30, launched Crystal Clear Vapours last year after discovering electronic cigarettes – which contain water vapour and no harmful substances – while on honeymoon in New York.

And on Tuesday he and wife Camilla will open their newest shop on Chester Road West in Shotton.

“I’d never heard of them before, but I found out about them in America and Camilla tried one and stopped smoking straight away,” said Chris, who also has shops in Warrington and Wigan.

The revolutionary ‘e-cigarettes’ contain only water and nicotine flavouring and none of the thousands of chemicals found in normal cigarettes.

Chris, who is from Warrington, said: “I’m very passionate about this, it’s about much more than just making money – I want to help people and get them off smoking.”

Camilla has undergone chemotherapy and had her last radiotherapy session earlier this month, and is now in remission.

Now 27, she was diagnosed with cancer on May 17 last year – exactly a week before she and Chris tied the knot. The newly-weds flew to the US on May 25 – and soon made the discovery that would change their lives.

“Camilla stopped straight away and she’s never looked back, and it can work for other people,” said Chris.

Chris and Camilla’s shop will sell the innovative inventions in more than 200 flavours, ranging from established cigarette brands to chocolate and banana.

Shotton councillor Elwyn Jones used to smoke up to 40 cigarettes a day before quitting 25 years ago and said: “It’s good to see a new business opening in the town and smoking is a terrible thing to be addicted to, so anything that helps people quit should be welcomed.”