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Hawarden children feature in Travelsupermarket.com video

A EWLOE company didn’t have to look far to find the stars of a promotional video.

TravelSupermarket.com, based at St David’s Park, asked 1,000 children between the ages of five and nine all about their dream holidays as part of a recent survey.

The youngsters were asked where they wanted to go this year, how much they think a family holiday to Spain costs and who they really want to go away with.

The findings showed 30% of children would prefer to go away with their best friends over their parents to a Disney resort.

Other dream destinations included Australia, Legoland and ‘Nanna’s house’.

Three children who feature on the video – available to watch on YouTube – are from Hawarden.

Theo Templeton, nine, guessed a holiday to Spain for a family of four would be about £10,000, while his little sister Izzy, seven, thought the cost would be closer to £100.

Rachel Basnett, nine, said she wanted to go on holiday with pop group One Direction.

Bob Atkinson from TravelSupermarket said: “Holidays are important to children and give them a sense of adventure.

“They also help create memories that could last forever.”