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Shocking task for Flintshire Big Brother contestant Luke Anderson

VIEWERS of Big Brother yesterday (Thursday) saw Flintshire contestant Luke Anderson give fellow housemates a shock.

The former Hawarden High School pupil was one of three housemates chosen to take on the role of a scientist in this week’s task, while other contestants played the part of lab rats.

Luke, Benedict and Lydia were tasked with giving out electric shocks to Lauren, Arron and Adam every time they got a question wrong, with the shocks becoming more intense every time.

But the chef, who works at The Beaufort Park Hotel, New Brighton, was unaware that the three answering the questions were not really being shocked and the real challenge was to see if the scientists would stop the game before the maximum voltage was reached.

They passed the task and won a luxury shopping budget.

Big Brother also announced a change in the rules in last night’s show – with housemates no longer able to talk about nominations.

In a live show tonight (Friday) either Benedict or Lauren will be evicted following a public vote.