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Two men killed in plane crash near Chester

A PLANE crashed on to a Chester field owned by the Duke of Westminster, killing both men on board.
A cyclist watched as the two-seater light aircraft plummeted to the ground at 8.55pm on Thursday (August 16) at Bruera near Churton.
He rushed to the nearest house so he could give the location of the wreckage to the ambulance service and police.
Ambulances and fire crews on two engines from Chester fire station arrived soon after.
Firefighters helped paramedics get to the two men, from Surrey and North Wales, but the pilot and passenger – a student – were killed instantly.
The craft, which had been reported missing by staff at Hawarden Airport, crashed on farmland between Buerton Approach and Chapel Lane, Bruera.
Next of kin have been informed but formal identification has not yet taken place.
The Air Accident Investigation Branch were informed.
A cyclist and a dog walker reported the crash to the emergency services.
After witnessing the plane plummet into the field, the cyclist knocked at the home of Frank Carr, 82, nearby so he could give the ambulance service an address.
Mr Carr, who has lived at Moat Cottage on Chapel Lane for 20 years, said: “He was a bit upset. He said ‘they’re both dead’.
“He rang from here and gave this address. It was just going dark.
“He just cleared off and that was it. Next minute, there was all flashing lights.
“They [the emergency services] were jumping over our back fence.
“I could just make out the white wing.
“My wife and I said we were lucky it landed in the field and not on our roof.”
Another neighbour said planes pass over the area regularly.
She added: “I heard this bang. Sometimes you hear a bump when tractors go down the road. I ignored it. I never thought it would be that.
“Then we got a knock on the door and realised there’d been an accident.
“A man knocked on the door and looked through the window. He said ‘do you know there’s a plane dropped behind your house’.”
Jane Sanders, spokeswoman for Grosvenor Estates, said: “The loss of life is tragic. We are working with the emergency services.”