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Mold man admits owning dog that is dangerously out of control after attack in field

A MOLD woman was injured when two Staffordshire Bull Terriers attacked her dog as she walked around the Mold Alex Football Club field.

Natasha Lopuc tried to protect her dog Jaeger, who was still recovering from injuries inflicted in an earlier attack.

The two dogs were said to be acting like a tag-team, ferociously biting at her dog in turns.

Miss Lopuc was bitten to the hand as she tried to protect him, which later needed hospital treatment.

One then locked his jaws on her dog’s neck and only let go when a man came to the scene and grabbed its testicles.

Two men dragged the dogs away – and then tried to blame her even though her dog was on a lead and the two attacking dogs had simply been running free, Flintshire Magistrates Court at Mold was told on Tuesday.

The owner of one dog had not been traced but the owner of the other, Jason Roberts, admitted owning a dog that was dangerously out of control on April 21.

He claimed he had pinned his dog to the ground at an early stage in the attack and that his animal was not responsible for some of the more serious injuries inflicted.

Magistrates heard Jaeger needed emergency veterinary treatment and that part of his ear had to be removed.

The case against Roberts, 42, of Alyn Meadows, Mold, was adjourned for a pre-sentence report.

Prosecutor Matthew Ellis told magistrates a destruction order may well be in order.

Roberts claimed through his solicitor Phillip Marshall-Thomas he had since got rid of the dog.

Asked if he had any more dogs, Roberts said he was under the care of the community mental health team and could not look after himself, let alone animals.