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Two Flintshire County Council workers sacked for internet abuse

TWO county council workers have been sacked and 11 faced disciplinary action for internet misuse, the authority has revealed.

A Freedom of Information request has also shown written and final warnings have been handed to Flintshire employees since 2009.

The council would not elaborate on the offences committed, but said it ‘takes misuse of the internet very seriously’.

Across North Wales, seven council workers have been sacked and 34 disciplined from 2009-2012.

Comments posted on Facebook, excessive internet use and bringing the council into disrepute are some of the reasons for action.

Denbighshire County Council has sacked the most employees, with three being shown the door. Flintshire disciplined the most employees in the region.

From 2009-2012, two workers were given written warnings, one was handed a final warning and eight were given what the council called ‘management advice’.

One ongoing investigation has not yet been completed.

A Flintshire County Council spokesman said there are 2,577 employees with internet access.

Among their most-visited websites are the BBC, Facebook, Amazon and the Daily Mail, the Freedom of Information request revealed.

Chris Guest, head of IT and customer services at the authority, said: “The council’s internet usage policy allows personal use for staff in their own time, with tight controls on content.

“All access is monitored and reports on excessive or inappropriate use provided to managers.

“As can be seen from the statistics provided, we will take disciplinary action where we believe it is appropriate to do so.”