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Mural magic unveiled in Basingwerk Abbey, Holywell

A MURAL has been unveiled in Holywell to mark the beginning of the North Wales Pilgrim’s Way.

The six-metre-long sculpture at Basingwerk Abbey has been designed by local schoolchildren who worked with artist Neil Dalrymple.

It depicts scenes from along the Pilgrim’s Way beginning in the east at Basingwerk Abbey and finishing in the west at Bardsey Island.

Groundwork North Wales oversaw the project and helped secure the funding from the Arts Council of Wales to make the mural a reality.

The Mayor of Holywell, Cllr Joe Johnson, handed out certificates to the students who helped to make the mural and officially unveiled the artwork on Tuesday.

Artist Neil Dalrymple was delighted to see it all completed. He said: “It looks excellent, I think the stand it’s put on is fantastic, strong and robust and I’m really pleased with it.

“The mural is made out of high-fired ceramic stonework clay and it’s all coloured with glazes, stains and metal oxide. Each of the five sections have been fired at 1,230°C to finish it off.”

Jenny Potter came up with the idea for the North Wales Pilgrim’s Way and said: “I’m so excited this has been put here.

“I thought we should have something to mark the start of the North Wales Pilgrim’s Way and you can’t miss that.

“I’m hoping visitors to Basingwerk Abbey will see the mural and recognise where it goes and want to try out the Pilgrim’s Way for themselves. It’s a great representation of the entire route.”