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Deeside man admits neglect of chickens

A MAN who has won numerous show awards with his chickens and cockerels starved a number of his birds to death.

Dead and dying chickens were found at the home of Marco Milani in High Street, Connah’s Quay, by shocked RSPCA officials.

Thirty-six live birds were seized together with 10 dead ones.

Many live birds were not housed properly and some were simply in cardboard boxes which were closed up – therefore being held in the dark.

A court heard how many of the live birds were emaciated and the way they ate and drank after being seized showed they had not been fed for some time.

The dead ones had clearly suffered and some had no muscle on their breastbones.

At Flintshire magistrates’ court at Mold Milani, 48, admitted four brought by the RSPCA of causing unnecessary suffering by failing to explore and address their weight loss, failing to provide an adequate diet, failing to provide adequate shelter and resting areas, and failing to protect them from pain and suffering.

After issuing previous warnings, RSPCA Inspector Fred Armstrong seized the birds from the garden which had “ramshackle, small receptacles around it” last October.

There were also a number of bird carcasses both inside the house and in the back garden.

When first questioned, he said that some of the birds had died of heart attacks because of fireworks.

Milani told the court through his barrister that he was ashamed but that he and his partner had become ill and he accepted he had neglected the birds.

Sentence was adjourned.