Holloway relishing challenge

Blackpool boss Ian Holloway will head into 2011 determined to carry on enjoying himself.

The promoted Seasiders have defied all pre-season predictions to more than make a good fist of life in the Barclays Premier League, and will end 2010 comfortably in the top half of the table with 25 points already banked following the 2-0 win at Sunderland.

"I can't tell you how proud I am of them, and I can't tell you how protective I am of them," said Holloway. "It's nice for Blackpool to get recognition, it's nice for people to say nice things about me, but it isn't about that, I am not doing it for that."

He added: "I am doing it to try to help them improve in their careers, and I can't ask for anymore from any of them.

"That's what makes me proud because you have to decide when you are out of work, 'Why am I doing it?', and I was doing it for the wrong reasons.

"I am now doing it for total enjoyment, to try to help my lads play better than they have ever played in their lives and encourage them because I needed that when I couldn't get a job.

"My wife gave me that and God bless her, she was right. I nearly gave up and I am glad I haven't.

"Now, if it carries on and everybody gets the sack when they are 10th at this level, then I might well pack it in because what's the point?

"If someone tells me that Ludovic Sylvestre isn't a good player and I shouldn't pick him ahead of Charlie Adam sometimes, I think that bloke should shut his face because how the hell does he know who he is and how good he is?

"Watching him, he hardly gave the ball away, so he is an absolutely fantastic player in my opinion."