Frustrated Maguire playing catch-up

Stephen Maguire's frustrations spilled over this morning and he remained two frames adrift of Ali Carter in their World Championship semi-final.

The 31-year-old Glaswegian twice lost his cool before the mid-session interval, which he reached trailing Carter by 7-5.

Maguire briefly got to level terms at 5-5 but Carter then found another gear and went to their 20-minute break on the back of a 118 break, the first century in the match.

It was in the early stages of the opening frame when Maguire's temper first surfaced.

Carter played safe and put Maguire in cosy behind the brown, seemingly with a hint of fortune on his side.

Maguire might have taken time over his reply, with various potential routes out of trouble available to him, but instead he immediately got down and smashed the white off a side cushion and into the reds. Somehow, though, he did not leave an easy pot, despite the white finishing at the wrong end of the table, and it was not a costly moment.

Carter had a huge fluke moments later, when he looked to take the white up to baulk via a flick off a red, but the cue ball caught the jaws of a corner pocket, arrowed across the table and ran into one red which cannoned into another that rolled into the pocket.

There was scant punishment, though, and Maguire was soon at the table with a break of 57 to take the frame.

Two inadequate safety shots from Carter helped Maguire level the match at 5-5 with runs to 24 and 59, but Carter inched back in front by taking the 11th frame, when Maguire again lost his cool. Trailing, he took on a long red and missed, thumping the table in anger, and Carter knocked in a frame-clinching break.

The 32-year-old Carter followed that up with a swift century, restoring his two-frame cushion.