Top 10 Party Games for Adults

There is no shortage of party games but what are the top 10?

Here are the top ten written by the guys at Jackpot Party – many of which you’ll know but are easily forgotten!

1. Charades A simple game to start off with, but always lots of fun. If your guests are feeling a little shy, start with some really simple ideas and then move on to more complex ones. Similarly, if you have some newbies to the world of charades, start by going over the rules and show them the signal for a book, a movie, two syllables etc. You can mix things up a bit by allowing groups to work together for really tough subjects.

2. The Lie Detector This game works particularly well with groups of people that don’t know each other that well (old friends tend to be able to spot the lies quite easily!). If possible, ask your guests before the day of the party to come up with three statements about themselves – two true and one false. At different times during the party, ask someone to read out or relay their statements and then get the other guests to vote on which is the lie. You might find out some surprising truths!

3. Trivia Games As we get older, we love any chance to show off our knowledge – that is why trivia games always go down so well at parties. It’s easy to get hold of questions, online or from a board game, but you can add to the fun by supplementing the proper trivia with questions that are only relevant to your friends, or to the party itself.

4. Wink Murder A classic game that’s as fun as the people playing it! Before the game starts, cut up as many slips of paper as there are guests. On one slip, write M for murderer; on another, write D for detective. All the other slips can be left blank. Hand the slips round the group and ask the detective to declare himself or herself. The game then begins and the murderer assassinates by winking at other players; the detective must work out who’s committing the crimes. The real fun comes when players start to get imaginative with the manner of their untimely death!

5. Name Game This one’s perfect when your guests are sitting round a dinner table. Simply write out a load of celebrity names on slips of paper and then stick them onto your guests’ foreheads. Going round in a circle, they are allowed two or three questions each time to try and work out who they are. The winner is the one that guesses their identity first.

6. Paper Bag Peek-A-Boo A slightly risqué game but lots of fun in the end; it maybe worth waiting until your guests have a few drinks inside them before introducing it. Ask all your friends to stand in a circle and give them paper bags to put over their heads. Then tell them to remove any items of clothing that are not necessary to keep them decent. The person with the most items off in two minutes wins the prize. It’ll take a short while and few items of clothes before people start to realise the paper bag isn’t a necessary piece of clothing! Ask those players to keep quiet until everyone’s worked out the trick.

7. Hit Man This game’s great if you’re planning a weekend away with friends. You’ll need to do a little preparation: cut up three times as many pieces of paper as there are guests; write all their names on one set of paper, write different places relevant to your location on another (eg. the kitchen, the upstairs corridor, the beach, the garden etc) and lastly write different objects that can be found around the location (eg. a spatula, a TV remote, a bottle of wine etc). Introduce the game at the start of the weekend and let each guest pick one piece of paper from each of the three groups – a person, a place and an object. The aim of the game is to become a hit man and ‘kill’ your target by getting them in the right place holding or touching the object in question. If you succeed, you then take on their ‘hit’. The winner is the player with the most successful ‘hits’ at the end of the weekend.

8. Superlative Game This is another game that seems a little risqué at first, but soon resolves to something much more innocent! Divide your guests into a few groups and then ask them to nominate the team member who has a certain superlative plus something. For example, you might say ‘nominate someone who has the longest…’. Without knowing what it is that has to be long, the team nominates a player. You then fill in the blank with something funny, like the longest hair. The nominees then compete and the winner earns a point for their team. This continues with different superlatives (oldest, shortest, youngest, weirdest, most, highest, loudest etc) and different categories (tongue, nose, car, house, items of clothing on, smile etc).

9. Who are we? This is one of those games that singles one person out and asks them for a ‘solution’ – so make sure to choose someone who doesn’t mind a lot of attention. Send him or her out of the room and then explain the rules to the rest of your friends…. You will all answer the absent guest’s questions as if you were the person two people to your left. The absent guest has to work out on what basis you’re responding. Invite the friend back in and then tell them to start picking people out and asking them questions! Remarkably, it doesn’t matter if no-one knows each other that well – they’ll be able to answer a lot of questions based on nothing more than first impressions (though beware of any ‘how old are you?’ questions!)

10. Park Bench Park Bench is a good game for when your party reaches its peak. Place two chairs next to each other and tell everyone that it’s a park bench. Ask two people to sit down next to each other and tell the person in one chair to do everything in their power to get the other occupant of the bench to leave. If the antagonist is successful, they get to move into their opponent’s seat and then someone new arrives to try and get them to leave.

Still stuck for ideas?! There are loads more party game ideas online from many different sites to keep you busy!