A Guide to Showers

Showers have become an increasingly popular bathroom addition over recent years with a number of people selecting them as their preferred method of daily cleansing. One of the most popular types of shower are shower enclosures, which offer a walk-in showering experience. So what options are available when it comes to choosing your shower?

Shower enclosures are available in a range of different designs and styles, allowing them to be easily implemented within any bathroom. When it comes to updating your bathroom replacing bathroom suites is not the only consideration which should be made and updating your shower is equally important. There are a large number of shower enclosures which are offered if you are looking at replacing your existing unit. 

Two Sided Shower Enclosures

Two sided shower enclosures can be either framed or frameless and are available in a range of different design styles. These shower enclosures are designed to fit into smaller bathrooms and are integrated seamlessly into the corner of the room.

Three Sided Shower Enclosures

Three sided shower enclosures are designed for larger bathrooms where the shower enclosure maybe placed along the centre of the wall. The will feature either a hinged or a sliding door, depending on preference and the size restrictions of the bathroom.

Frameless Shower Enclosures

Frameless shower enclosures are designed to offer a more minimalistic and modern design. The modern style is provided through the removal of traditional framing, allowing the shower enclosure to integrate itself seamlessly within the bathroom. Chrome brackets usually connect the elements of the enclosure for a stylish and elegant finish. Frameless shower enclosures are available in a number of different shapes meaning that they are perfect for any bathroom size or shape. These shapes include square, rectangular, pentagonal, quadrant and offset quadrant designs.

Framed Shower Enclosures

Framed shower enclosures offer a more traditional enclosure which retains the normal framework. These are also available in a range of different shapes and also feature a number of different door styles. These can include hinged doors, sliding doors, in-swing doors, pivot doors, infold doors and double sliding doors.

Walk In Shower Enclosures

Walk in shower enclosures are typically larger than other designs are intended to integrate the fixture within your bathroom, providing a more stylish and elegant appearance. Walk in shower enclosures are available in a range of different sizes in order to make them suitable for all bathrooms. They are often sold with free shower trays, which are essential items for any shower enclosure.

Shower trays provide a platform for the enclosure to stand upon and can be made in a range of shapes and sizes in order to match different enclosures. They are typically available in two different heights: low and high sided. The first of these is used for shower enclosures which have the pipe-work enclosed under the floor whilst the second is used for shower enclosures with exposed piping. Shower trays are made from either acrylic or stone, depending on your personal preference.