Get adventurous with your chocolate brownie recipe

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It’s notoriously difficult to find the perfect chocolate brownie recipe – most people will have experienced at least one occasion where some unknown element has gone drastically wrong, leaving behind an end product that’s either far too greasy or dried out and unappetising.

The easy remedy for a too-greasy brownie is obviously to use a bit less oil in the mixture. However, the issue of a too-dry brownie is slightly more problematic. Some people recommend using an unlikely ingredient to add extra moisture to the recipe: courgettes.

It may sound like an outlandish choice (and we’re more used to seeing them grilled or fried) but courgettes are actually a brilliant addition to a chocolate brownie recipe. In fact, because their taste is so unobtrusive, most people won’t even notice any difference in flavour, but they will notice the improved texture of the brownie.

River Cottage – championed by foodie Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Channel 4 series – recommend adding grated courgettes into the mix. However, it’s not just chocolate brownies that can be improved in this manner: you can add courgettes to a variety of cake recipes to get a rich, soft texture.

Celebrity cook, Nigel Slater, is another courgette convert. Writing for The Guardian, he said: “Courgettes have the ability to make a cake as moist and sweet as if you added ground almonds to the recipe.”

If you’re grappling with a brownie-related baking problem, take a look at this chocolate brownie recipe from Waitrose – although it’s courgette-free, it does include pecan nuts for a tasty twist on the classic.