Funeral Plan Checklist

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Planning their own funeral is something most people occasionally think about and then put off until another day.

The trouble is, leaving it until another day doesn't always happen. Being able to predict the future is impossible, and if you don't want to leave your loved ones with difficult decisions, now is the time to put your funeral plan in place.

Below is a quick checklist which can help guide you through the process.

Funeral payment

Regardless of your current age, its worthwhile thinking about how you're going to be able to pay for your funeral when the time comes.

There are many funeral payment plans that allow you to pay in full, in instalments over 12, 14 and 36 months, or by monthly direct debit on a continuous basis. 

Funeral payment is arguably the most important item on this checklist, as it can cause relatives the most upset and inconvenience if it hasnt been taken care of. 

Funeral choice

If you've never discussed your funeral plans with anyone before, how will they know if youd prefer to be buried or cremated?

It's best to make some sort of formal plan for your funeral so your family or friends at least have some basic information to work from. 

Songs, poems and readings

Putting a funeral payment plan in place makes you think about the other choices that should be made. For example, are there any specific songs, poems or readings you'd like at your funeral service?

If you don't make people aware of your personal preferences, you could end up with a very different type of service than what you'd really like.  

Type of ceremony

Your religious and personal beliefs will shape what style of funeral service you'd like. For example, if you're not a religious person, you might want to opt for a humanist service.

A lot of people now choose for their final send-off to be a more upbeat affair rather than a traditionally sombre funeral. If this is something you'd like, make sure its documented. 

What coffin would you like? 

Nowadays there are many different kinds of coffin available. You may want a traditional wooden one, or perhaps a coffin made from cardboard, bamboo, or wicker.

Whether your decision is based on price or environmental concerns, youll feel better if this part of your funeral plan is in place together with the points above. 

Author Bio: The Co-operative Funeralcare provides set funeral plans and tailor made plans to people from all walks of life in the UK. Visit their website now to learn more about funeral payment options