Film fun for Flint

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With the end to both the Olympics and the Paralympics on the horizon, that Autumnal ‘back to school’ feeling will soon start to creep in.  This is a great time to check out local cinema listings and plan how to take advantage of some of the new films that are scheduled for release.

Hurrah for Women

Princess Merida is the animated female star in ‘Brave 3D’ from Pixar. The story follows traditional fairy tale lines, brave suitors all competing for the princess’s hand but the story also glorifies in the relationship between the Princess and her mother, rather than focussing on the prospective husbands. 

The film is set in Scotland and Billy Connolly and Robbie Coltrane are among the strong cast of character voices. As you’d expect from Pixar, the animations are first rate; look out for the bears that feature strongly in the plot line.


Films coming soon to the North West also include ‘Shadow Dancer ’. This thriller has all the ingredients necessary to keep you enthralled. The film is based on the 2001 novel written by Tom Bradby, following his experiences in Northern Ireland as ITN’s chief political correspondent. 

Directed by James Marsh, this British film was highly rated at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and Empire magazine described it as: ‘an intelligent and highly charged spy drama.’ The film boasts a talented cast; with Clive Owen playing the MI5 officer and Andrea Riseborough taking the role of the young IRA woman, Colette McVeigh, recruited by Owen’s character. 

‘Shadow Dancer’ has a strong plot line and is utterly compelling viewing.


Another 3D animated film is ‘ParaNorman’ (PG rated) which is due for release in mid August. This highly funny feature manages to combine both zombies and humour and will provide an excellent piece of entertainment for the whole family.

John Goodman, Casey Affleck and many other talented actors provide the voices.  The story line is quite crazy with a small child communicating with the dead and encountering zombies, ghouls and other mysterious beings as well as having the magic powers to save his town of Blithe Hollow. 

The graphics in the film are excellent and social media sites are already buzzing about this piece of family orientated fun. There is a serious anti-bullying messaged throughout the film too and the script is written from a child’s point of view. The hero, Norman, has his voice portrayed by child actor Kodi Smit-McPhee.

Cinemas are cool

With the introduction of 3D and amazing sound effects cinemas are regaining their popularity as places of entertainment for all ages. From the large Odeon cinema in Liverpool to the more local screens in Chester, the cinema is definitely the place to be. 

Should the unpredictable British weather actually improve then an air-conditioned cinema is probably one of the most comfortable venues to spend some time in. With 52 new films to be released in August and a projected 32 in September, the cinema is definitely the place to visit over the coming months.